Production and Equipment

nalino production and equipment

Nalino has been succeeded in the production of nonstick kitchenware in different designs, models and colors, by the help of specialists and modern and automatic machinery. By using engineering and analytical software programs, this company designs models, molds and gating systems, manufactures molds by CNC, milling and turning machinery, and prepares the molds to be utilized. After the preliminary manufacture of the parts in the casting plant, the surface preparation stages, including deburring, sanding, basic turning, shot blasting and sandblasting operations, are started. Then, the coating, heat treatment, painting, machining, assembly and packaging processes, which are all automated and continuous, are performed. The abstract of manufacturing equipment include:

  • CNC Turning machines
  • Automatic shot blasting and sandblasting
  • Recirculating spray paint booth
  • Conveyor furnaces with adjustable parameters and graph
  • Conveyor for moving and relocating parts
  • Packing equipment
  • Quality control equipment for each manufacturing machine