Nalino Laboratory

nalino laboratory

Nalino laboratory has focused its activities on a set of tests about nonstick cookware based on the Iranian National Standards and International standards in a fully professional manner. In this regard, Nalino laboratory has succeeded in obtaining the Certificate of Accredited Laboratory from National Standard Organization and Accreditation Certification of ISO 17025 from the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI).

The collection of tools and equipment available in the Laboratory are completely modern and are calibrated by the accredited calibration laboratories. Some of the laboratory equipment are as follows:

  • Metal Materials Analyzer
  • Surface Roughness Gauge
  • Surface Profile Gauge
  • Dimensional Measurement Instruments
  • Digital Thermistor
  • T-bar and Contact Type Thermocouple
  • Laser Thermocouple
  • Equipment of Coating Adhesion and Bond Test
  • Coatings Abrasion and Wear Tester Instrument
  • Equipment for Testing Internal Pressure Resistance of Containers
  • Equipment for Chemical Tests and Corrosion Resistance of Kitchenware