Panizsazan-e Dana Company with over half a century experience in manufacturing aluminum and nonstick containers for entrepreneurship, improving domestic production and improving the industry in the year 1978 by producing aluminum containers; in the year 1995 by producing nonstick containers; and in the year 2003 by producing under-pressure nonstick casting containers and introducing them into the market.

In order to diversify and improve the quality of our products, as well as to increase the health and well-being of our respected customers by providing useful and compatible body-friendly metal ions as well as cooking with minimal oil consumption and stability in taste, producing of fully nonstick cast iron and nonstick glass containers resistant to heat shocks (Borosilicate Heat Resistance) with nonstick granite coatings has started and after all the qualitative tests and obtaining the national standard, we have massed produced our products and offered them to domestic markets and reputable stores with Nalino and PSD brands. The company won the top brand of aluminum production industry in the country in the years 2013 and 2015 and in July 2018, was introduced as a top producer and entrepreneur by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, and in August 2018 has awarded an appreciation statement as the top producer by the National Iranian Standard Organization. Due to the direct contact of food with cooking utensils and the physical health priority of our respected customers, the company has set up a modern laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 international standard and as successfully obtained all the qualifications needed for becoming the laboratory partner to the standard organization laboratory, has done all the qualitative tests to ensure the quality of their products.

Achievements and Licenses:

The first and the only producer of original iron cast containers in 2011

The first and the only producer of nonstick glass (Pyrex) containers

Top brand in the Aluminum industry in the country in 2013

Top brand in the Aluminum industry in the country in 2015

Top entrepreneur in 2018

The top unit of Iran’s standard organization in 2018

Laboratory partner to the standard organization of Iran

ISO 17025 NACI license from National Center for Accreditation

ISO 9001:2015 license from TUV Company of Germany

National Standard of Iran license with ID no. 6629386905

ISO 10004:2012 license for customer satisfaction

Europe’s CE license

Research and development (R&D) license

Product health license from the Food and Drug Administration

Production health license from the Food and Drug Administration